Tom Sicurella
Director, Art Director

Tom Sicurella is the founder of Postfuturism, a creative service consulting studio specializing in interaction design, new media development and user experience enhancement. Tom has a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Fine Art. Tom's Artwork has been shown internationally and is included in the permanent collections of both the New York and San Francisco Museums of Modern Art and his list of commercial clients includes DirectTV, Panasonic, Sony, MTV, HP, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Verizon. Within the creative service industry Tom has extensive experience in film, animation, interactive design, and concept development and has focused these skills at a variety of new media, including mobile, interactive TV, broadcast and web. For many years Tom was instrumental in the creation of new business and services for both Gamut Inc and Gravity Mobile where he took a leading role in the development of a variety of mobile content and applications. In 2006 Tom worked with CNET to launch a food lifestyle website which emphasized a rich multimedia experience. Recently as part of Postfuturism, Tom has led an initiative at to create a collaborative system that enables multimedia, multiplatform publishing using a simple, easy to use web based environment, this system is currently being used to create a photo based online encyclopedia. Tom's plans for the future are focused on the exploration of new media and systems with an approach that combines technical expertise with fun, creative and intuitive design.