Sardine Academy is a creatively focused agency that works at the intersection of design, film, and advertising. We are not monolithic in our beliefs or approach: we acknowledge the force of an upraised fist, the seduction of touch, the disruptive power of the send button, the beauty of a gap toothed smile, the details in the lining of a perfectly tailored jacket. We believe in story telling, properly kerned type, that a blank page is never empty, and all other manner of gestures, branding, word of mouth, and interactive experiences where the quality of the journey is often a measure of the quality of the outcome.

The name Sardine Academy is inspired by the speed, discipline, and responsiveness of small, well organized communities, particularly the aquatic variety. While small and rarely aggressive, sardines are nutritious as well as flashy.

The partners and members of Sardine Academy have all worked at the global headquarters of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and led regional creative departments, but have, for the time being, chosen a different career path. We work as a core team in San Francisco, and supplement our group with collaborators in various cities and disciplines depending on the scale of the work and the types of assignments we select.

Our offices are run as collective partnerships; this informs our thinking and action, allows us to view a project from every angle before we get too far, and fuels our ability to create connections greater than any one person or group. In addition, we continue to pursue personal projects, actively support the arts community through publishing and films, and remain connected to people and places that stimulate our work and our lives through travel, teaching, and pro bono work.